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Essential things every entrepreneur needs to know about AI.

For some time now, a new form of technology has been spreading in our lives. Quietly it sneaks into our working world. We are not so aware of how it is being used right under our noses.
This technology is not in the slightest bit as threatening as people think, although it is new and is changing the world at a speed that few other technologies have been able to match. Even in your company? If you use it as a tool, you can turn any area of your business upside down, eliminate inefficiency, streamline operations, and save money.

Of course, we speak of artificial intelligence (AI). 80% of all managers believe that AI solutions can significantly improve productivity. But what is behind this buzzword? What can it do at the moment? And which application is already suitable for you?

Customer Service

Many companies know how important their customer service is and how much it can impact their business. But personal customer service is labor-intensive and expensive. Moreover, not every employee can answer detailed questions. People don’t like the feeling of talking to an unintelligent machine or waiting in a phone line, pressing buttons, being connected multiple times before they reach the expert they need, etc.

Chatbots are the answer.

They are never sick or on vacation. From the first contact, they analyze the customer and provide intelligent insights into how you can effectively support your customer. From the database, you can estimate for which product a question is expected. From previous inquiries, you can deduce how the customer is informed preferentially and directly access the most popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or Slack.

They learn and improve constantly. Currently, research is conducted with a fusion of machine learning and behavioral science by analyzing millions of voice calls to identify emotions and thus improve interactions. In London, an AI-supported chatbot is currently tested in the healthcare sector, where residents can enter their symptoms into the app. The app consults a large medical database so that users receive a tailored response based on the information they enter.

Information Technology and Security

Artificial intelligence is currently established primarily in the areas of IT and security. As early as 2017, around 44% of the companies surveyed will use AI to detect and deter security breaches. 41 % use it to solve application problems of users. The IT consulting firm Gartner predicted that by 2020, 75 % of security software tools contain predictive analysis based on heuristics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning algorithms. The execution of advanced, persistent threats and malware are proactively prevented in the future, rather than just detected reactively.

Business Management

From planning conferences and team meetings to programming business trips and assisting in decision-making, AI can help with business activities.

Using a dashboard, software such as Canri allows you to summarize and present information from a wide variety of sources. Analysis of past data will provide reliable forecasts for future projects and facilitate decision-making. Comprehensive insights into business processes are no longer reserved for companies with extensive controlling departments but done by the company management itself. Dangers and trends are identified at an early stage and taken into account when managing the company.

Finance and Accounting

In the next few years, 80% of accounting and financial tasks will be automated. Here too, predictive tools such as Canri play a major role. They collect and display financial data in a variety of ways and make it accessible for predictive analysis. In doing so, the software enables them to display and question the predictions underlying the evaluation of the data, for example on their customers.

Human Resources

Many HR managers know how tedious the process of recruitment, job interviews, and induction can be. So it’s no wonder that HR is excited about the idea of using AI for the work of their department.

Applications such as High-Talent take over the intelligent matching of requirements in a project with the profile of the potential candidates. To do this, the HR department itself does not have to be an expert in the field but can concentrate fully on its core task.

The fields of application of artificial intelligence are conceivable in all directions. It is already in use today and is constantly evolving. Applications such as Canri do not replace humans beings but can take care of both laborious and very complex tasks so that decision-makers can concentrate on the essentials.

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