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Human Resources

Projects and Budgets

What is your team spending time on? How much does that cost? And exactly how much revenue does that generate?

Manage and monitor project costs and budgets. Understand your revenue and cost structures. Filter and aggregate by any criteria.

  • Cost management (manual and automatic through integrations)
  • Top-level resource planning
  • Calculation and forecast
  • Detailed live values instead of ballpark estimates

Vacations / Paid time off

Who is in the home office and when? When is my team on site? Who is on vacation when, and what about public holidays for colleagues in Portugal and Bangladesh?

  • Overview of presence and absence
  • Perfect for on-site and remote teams, across countries
  • Vacation and holidays
  • Integration to external time and attendance systems

Time Recording

You and your team don't have time and don't want to fill out Excel spreadsheets or timesheets? Then book your times directly in GitLab, Jira or Canri itself.

  • Digital time clock for project-related working times
  • Recording of working hours on tickets and subtasks
  • Seamless integration to GitLab, Jira & Co
  • Automatic allocation to project costs and budgets


P&L (Profit and Loss) and account balance as a controlling tool? Or would you prefer smart reports for smart decisions? Where are the margin drivers and where are the money wasters?

We want you to have all the information you need to make the right decisions:

  • Understand how your business is performing
  • Learn how your employees work
  • Recognize which projects are worthwhile and which ones you should rather abandon


Do I now have to give up my HR software, my accounting, or my freelance squad's beautiful time tracking tool? - On the contrary:

Leave your IT environment as it is! Use our interfaces and import data from your current tools seamlessly into Canri.

Human Resources

All important information and documents in one place? Vacation days, salaries, account details - it's all there. And if you need more, Canri connects to the HR software of your choice.

But most important: You see how which project is performing. You have a whole new basis to manage your team. And you can plan future workload perfectly.

Onboarding Bild

We make it as easy as possible for you to get started. With our onboarding wizard, you can automatically integrate your employees and projects into Canri in just a few minutes. That's magic!

We leave nothing to chance

DSGVO compliant

Complete security through guaranteed and audited data protection standards. Real data security is our top priority.

24h customer support

We know how important it is that day-to-day business runs undisturbed. That's why our employees are on duty for you around the clock.

Available everywhere

By default, Canri is used as a browser application. Soon you will be able to manage your portfolio on your smartphone.

Get advice now and improve performance!