Steer Your Business. Like You Never Did Before. Now.

Successful business management always depends on the same questions:

Which projects are running best? And which are not?

Who is available when?

Which resources are tight?

How profitable are customers and teams?

Do pre- and post-calculations reflect the business reality?


Know The Future. Understand The Past.

Planning resources and budgets

The automatic absence detection increases the efficiency of your team planning. Control your project portfolio and benefit from our first-class time tracking.
(GDPR- und ECJ-compliant)

Identify bottlenecks

Control your budgets and meet your project deadlines. Use artificial intelligence to identify trends before they emerge.

Check performance

Modern team and department statistics, comprehensive overviews of project and customer profitability, and resource efficiency can help you optimize your performance levels. Includes third-party KPI import.

Optimize Cash Flow

More than just the usual monthly economic evaluation. Optimize your pre- and post-calculation and gain new insights through comprehensive cash flow analysis and forecasting.

Everything You Need, In One Unique Tool

Have you got tons of IT systems in use – but no consolidated KPIs? Do you run your business by gut feeling?

Keep your preferred project management tools. Keep your ERP system, your CRM, your time tracking, whatever.
Stop the constant Excel fight.

CANRI brings all the information you need together in one place. It provides access to hundreds of systems such as SAP, Oracle, Jira, Wrike, Trello and many more!


One Tool For All

For employees:

Shift planning
Time tracking
Holiday and absence organization

For team and department heads:

Budget planning and tracking

Measurement of team efficiency

Availability, efficiency and skill-based resource planning

For CEOs, CFOs and Controllers:

Detailed insight into customer and project profitability

Portfolio planning

Cash flow forecast and analysis

Canri allows you a holistic optimization of your company and makes it easier for you to enter the digital age 4.0. So that you can make the best possible use of the potential of Canri, we are happy to offer you a solution tailored to your needs. Contact us and be one of the first to use Canri.

Optimize Your Business Processes With Artificial Intelligence

Based on your resource and financial planning, and subsequent adjustments, Canri gathers valuable knowledge about your projects and business processes.

Canri identifies bottlenecks, wasted resources, and other unwanted events. It warns you earlier, and gives more accurate clues about approaching challenges.